Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hungarian coconut rum balls

Kókuszgolyó are Hungarian coconut rum balls made with pitted cherries. It contains rum and usually it is coated with coconut flakes upon completion. Vanilla wafer cookies are crashed till very fine, mixed with cocoa powder, honey and sugar.

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mosy Bites - opinionated topical comment leavened with amusing stories

Sometimes we uncover very interesting blogs and today I chanced upon this blog called 'Mosy Bites!' with very funny posts.

The writer claimed that it is an "opinionated topical comment leavened with amusing stories". Indeed most of the stories covered were droll. It features the headlines, political and social issues, happening in the news, the funnies and online stuff.

For those who are checking the site frequently, you will come to like some of the posts such as "Absent Minded Super Pooch", "Louisiana Chickens", "How to really survive an accident", "Nuns so innocent" and the one about "Wily Wine Taster". Something like 'Merkel in the semi-finals' for an example is funny enough. It was a short note but it certainly makes me crack up, about the European leaders' International Finger Wagging Contest, yes ha ha, the IFWC!

luisiana chicken

The author quotes Betty Reese “If you think you’re too small to be effec­tive, you have never been in bed with a mos­quito.” I guess that's how he came up with the site title 'Mosy Bites'. The Mosy Bites editor invites everybody to add comments or even their favourite funny story.

However it is not without reservation. Mosy Bites will not accept comments or contributions that are 'anti-social' -violent, racist, rude. Opposing view point are very much welcomed especially in the political and social debates.

So now you know! Pop over a good daily chuckle or get down debating with comments on the Mosy Bites political and social issues.

It's definitely worth a visit.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Csülök Pork Knuckle in Budapest, Hungary

Oktoberfest is about eating and feasting. With ice cold beer! With lots of festival food like sausages, mustard, home-made pickled mixed vegetables called 'csalamádé', pickled paprika. In Hungary, the festive food other than the Hungarian Kolbasz, I like this pork knuckle and in Hungarian it is called 'Csülök'.

A pretty cute name when you have to pronounce it like 'chur-lurk', you have to hold your lips in a special shape :-o to say it.

I remembered when Rose was here in Budapest for the visit, it was closed to the end of winter and there were Hungarian sausages. She just ordered the sausages without those slices of bread to go with it. And Zsolt being a true-born Hungarian thought that it was 'brutal' to eat the sausages alone without bread :) That's how much cultural differences goes to say about how we eat.

The Hungarians eat the Sült kolbász usually with mustard and a side dish of pickled (sometimes that side can be cabbage soaked in vinegar and it has been preserved for days). The most common of this side (called 'Savanyúság') is the cucumber (uborka) and it can also range from peppers, cherry peppers, sauerkraut to beets and pickled fruits. To be really honest, I personally don't like these 'Savanyúság' and I avoid it all the time. 

The McDonald's in Hungary even localized the burger to one called 'Retro Burger' and it is available in the summer season. It is packed with these pickled mixed vegetables and of course the classic 'beef' patty, and oh gosh! It was one of the crazy burger choices I've ever made...

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Traditional Hungarian Crafts - Crazy Drums

Actually they aren't that crazy. I was just making fun! :p

These are hand drums. I love drums and I love drummers :) From street buskers to professional drummers in the quartet...

But I don't like drummers spotted with those short curly hair (for example) :)

A drummer should be cool, or with a some cool facial hair, goatee, beard etc. Not the Hussar moustache please....

And honestly, either bald if not long hair, NOT short hair, not even curly hair.

I saw this drummer at the Hungarian Jazz Festival and he was exactly with a short curly hair. I wonder why?

This one is the exception, short hair, but i like:

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Interview with Roy Seaberg

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