Monday, July 19, 2010

Sea side

Looking back at the vacations we had so far, most of which were beach vacations. Starting from Croatia, Hvar at Stari Grad, we also went to Bol which is on Brac island. Then we went to Bali in Indonesia, Singapore of course we spent some time at the Sentosa. In Hungary, there is no beach, but still we were at the Lake Balaton, be it Tihany or Badacsony or Siofok, it is still near the waters. You can confidently conclude that we both love vacations along the beach or near the sea.

The most recent vacation was at Venice, Italy. It is not a beach vacation but we were on the Adriatic Sea :) The three places that were without these beaches were in winter season where we had our vacation in Madrid (Spain), Krakow (Poland) and Prague (Czech) :) These types of vacation are still somewhat different in its own. We discussed that some day, we would like to experience a stay with the view of the Atlantic Ocean. Browsing through the Flickr, I found wonderful photographs of the Carolina Coast which is like a dream come true. 

We chanced upon a site and saw on particularly the Myrtle Beach which boasts of 89,000 accommodation units! That is quite a huge number to really decide on where to stay. Considering our previous experience on planning our honeymoon in Bali was the same with lots of accommodation choices. However, we had in mind that we wanted to go to Kuta specifically to see the Kuta sunset on the Kuta beach. So it helped to streamlined. Hence, I really find Myrtle Beach Accommodations a very useful tool. It is because all the rates are clearly published with the seasonal dates at one glance!

What's more, there is even an online system, Myrtle Beach hotel reservationswhere we can simply check availability to decide on the dates to reserve.
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