Friday, December 4, 2009

H1N1 Vaccine

Today we have got our H1N1 Vaccine in a private medical center in Budapest. Zannnie was pretty nervous, she said she was good, so she didn't know why she has to get an injection:) Actually she doesn't have an all-covered health insurance here so better to prevent a more serious trouble.

There is a histery around the H1N1 vaccine in Hungary which has nothing to do with the virus and the flu itself. Its funny but the rejection or acceptance of the vaccine correlates with the political view.


Read said...

I know what you mean, but I wouldn't say that the acceptance or rejection of the H1N1 shot, among Hungarians, goes along party lines. I consider myself a free thinker, and I like many of your writings because I feel that our views are similar on many issues. You are not a conservative, nor am I. Yet, I think that there is good reason to refuse to take this vaccine: first, it was developed using a virus from the 1930s which is only H1N1-like (see the ÁNTSZ website for details), which is to say it is NOT the same as the H1N1 virus that we need protection against. What good is this shot then? Second, this vaccine has thimerosal (tiomerzál)in it, which is an organomercury compound, of which half the mass is mercury. Supporters of the vaccine argue that it is only a micro quantity, but most people know that you don't need much mercury in your body for a decent poisoning. Some people argue that eating sea fish accounts for a similar amount of mercury as this vaccine. Oh, come on! Most of the mercury you eat with the fish goes down your intestines, and you get rid of it pretty soon, but what happens to the mercury that gets injected into your tissues? I think it is an unnecessary mercury load, which can be dangerous eg. in the case of babies, especially when babies get a schedule of several mercury-ridden shots early on -- as is the case in the US. So I don't care if now I'm dissed as one of those extreme-right scaremongers, which I am not. I just happen to know that there's at least one guy in the news who caught the swine flue and was in critical condition, but had received the h1n1 shot well before. The explanation is lame: "he could have died but for the flu shot." There is a government document, which I have downloaded, practically saying that the current technology used in vaccine manufacturing is not enough to effectively combat an epidemic. That very document says that the swine flu has not proven to be as grave a danger as previously thought to be. So what's the point in getting a flu shot that is not for the virus you need protection against, and that has a potentially toxic chemical in it, which is PR-ed to the public as a friendly organic mercury compound?

Zsolt said...

I was also thinking a lot to get the vaccine or not. Before I never asked for it but since my wife doesn't have a proper health insurance in Hungary recently we decided to get the vaccine.

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