Thursday, July 2, 2009

Shopwiki UK

The turn of summer is a bit strange in Budapest cos this year, there are hailstorms, lots of rain, sudden strong sunshine then rain again for the month of June. We have longer day (than night) here and recently, I had been trying to shop for a pair of sunglasses but here in Budapest the ranges were quite limited. I started surfing online and found Rather down-to-earth person, I am just expecting a pair of functional sunglasses that provides the UV protection and most important of all, durability.

Budapest sunset

So my shopping adventure starts at the Accessories section where at a glance, there are neatly grouped categories such as bags, gloves, hair accessories, hats, hosiery and socks, jewellery & watches, Men's accessories, scarves, shoes and last but not least, sunglasses! However the system brings you funny things at times:)

A fantastic feature, unlike all search engines, is that I am able to select the colours, the price range under the 'metal rimmed rectangular' styles of sunglasses which I prefer, with just a single slide using the mouse cursor (see a snapshot below).

Look, it's that easy to use.:)

Majority of people shop offline for shoes, especially if they have doubts about the style on the feet or perhaps they enjoy the shopping experience if the shopping outlets have friendly sales-assistants who provide a good service. I am not sure about you and the others, but definitely buying shoes for me at the malls were not so pleasant. Either the range are not complete or if they do, they ran out of my shoe size of '41' :( With this, shopping for shoes is made so much more convenient since the full range of shoes available from 30,000 stores can be found at once, I'm quite sure one can find something to suit his or her personal taste. From fitting and sizing to some good shoe buying tips. I really like the easy search by shoe type and style, and at a glance I can see what's available for men, women and kids.

So for ladies out there, I've included this link for you: Women's Fashion Trends. I recommended this as there is a great Seasonal Style Guides (sorted by Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), Classic, Complete Women's Wardrobe, Women's Clothing Designers, Style Resources for Women, Holiday Dressing ;) it might serve you some good suggestions for this Summer. Enjoy your shopping at this one-stop Shopwiki that has 30,000 stores which can generate better savings since there are more deals to look out for!
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