Thursday, July 9, 2009

Our home lighting

We have since been living in the Buda area for about 2 years and it was the first time my sister and her family visited us and stayed over for the weekend. The first time she was here was during our wedding. Our place is situated near a hill called 'Cool Valley' and from the name, you can tell it is cooler in the Summer.

We have a very cosy place and lighting serves an important aspect of the interior decorations. We are not those that are head over heels for chandeliers. That's simply because we like natural home lighting. We wanted something that complement in the indoor as well as with the garden or better to say it is a yard area facing the garage. We also have a 'Terrace' area where the family or if we invited our friends, we can have an alfresco styled dinner together. Usually, in the nice weather, we like to hang out at the swing, or having some wonderful cakes or cookies with a cup of tea. My wife likes to bake, so to her, the kitchen light fixtures other than the bathroom light fixtures where she loves to soak in the bath for hour(s), alright, let's say 1 hour :)

Looking at the current kitchen light fixtures which we have, we are planning to add in a new light fixture to give it a better intensity. This will allow Zannnie to make more delicious looking cakes :) She's quite particular about the colour of the creaming these days. My job is to taste and give feedback, how lucky am I, isn't it?

With the application in mind, we can now shop online by making our choices at the wide range of styles available, it is fantastic how we can select something at the best price from dozens of the top manufacturers. Very reasonable indeed!

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