Friday, December 12, 2008


A 22 years old French student Ophélie BRETNACHER has disappeared in Budapest on the 4h of December.

She took part on a Mikulás party in the Portside de Cuba club close to the Astoria, which she has left between 2.30-3.30 am. Her bag was found at around 3.30am intact with all her documents, cell phone etc. on the Pest side of Chain Bridge, but not her!

The fact that she has disappeared is really shocking to me. The Portside de Cuba is in the downtown a decent latin restaurant and dancing club. The Chain Bridge is just the middle of the entire city. The safest part of Budapest though 3.30am is very late nigth (early morning). 5 days left and they still cant find Ophélie. Being a Hungarian I feel a bit responsible for her since she is here as an ERASMUS student within an exchange program so you may say she is our guest in this country. I am sure she arrived with a lot of enthusiasm and with plans, it was a big honour that she has choosen our country.

If you know anything that can help, please contact Gábor Szalai from the International Office, Christine Batel (+36706506616) or us!
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