Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling

THE BOOM BOOM GIRLS OF WRESTLING is a Sports drama/ thriller about 6 female wrestlers in a Ghost town. We have conducted a short interview with the producer Ursel & Carolin

What do you think are the 3 key assets/strengths in this thriller "Boom Boom Girls" movie?
  • Unexpected humorous, terrific quotes and cult appeal 
  • Female strength and diametrical behavior regarding man / woman encounter 
  • Fantastic aerial shots regardless our budget of 5K 
Main official trailer 

Besides the budget, why did you choose a Ghost Town? 
  • It is never the budget what let us decide which location would be the best AND because it is inspired by a true event. We always knew it has to be a Ghost Town. 
  • Carolin : I myself lived a Life as a female wrestler in Los Angeles, I did the whole wrestling shebang, training so hard I couldn’t move a finger and having bruises.I was having a cold for three days including high fever so I wasn’t able to walk let alone to train that hard. Since that day they never talk to me, nor they paid me anything. Even my so-called friends there didn’t call nor letting me know, that they were leaving for Las Vegas to their first Live Show. I was so disappointed that I sulkily thought: I wish that the bus breaks down and they all stuck in the middle of the Desert in a Ghost Town.There it was! I thought Carolin THIS is it! This is an awesome idea for my next movie..and there it was! “The Boom Boom Girls of Wrestling” were born. 

The previous movie Testing Life directed by Carolin von Petzholdt is a great precedent and very well received. Does the current Boom Boom Girls movie has some kind of link to it? 
  • Yes to some extent. We always wanted to shot a complete different genre, which might be more entertaining, more “Popcorn” theater. With Boom Boom Girls we aimed for a suspense thriller that will keep the audience at the edge of it's seats. It end up being a slight horror which was much more better and more compelling than what we first planned. This Movie is so unique that we expect to make enough revenue for our sequel to Testing Life 1 - "Testing Life 2" is in the work for 2016. 

As the producers, how different were the challenges for the six different key female casts? Which is one of the most memorable moments? 
  • Regarding the training sequences, our Girls had all hilarious fun while filming in the ring. It was always a pleasure to watch them. Melissa R Stubbs (she plays “Darlene”) and Chrystal Santos (she plays “Lisa”) - both are professional Stunt Women in Hollywood - both of them had been very supportive and helpful , they coordinate all the stunts and make sure that nobody was harmed in any way. I want to underline the very good work of Carolin, she was the one who choreographed the whole wrestling moves AND acted as well astonishingly. The whole process was amazing.The first time the Girls step into the ring they naturally transform into their wrestling character. It was a pleasure watching them work and train. This was for me the most memorable moment. 

If you could do it over again, what do you wish you had from the beginning in place? 
  • A bigger Budget = more people = food caterer = more time 

If our readers would like to support your project, where can they find you? How can they contribute?
  • We are currently running a Kickstarter campaign which is very important for us. We would like people to be part of our journey and contribute into our campaign. We have great rewards awaiting for everyone. Our wish is to distribute this movie nationwide and get it into the theaters. We have already started to work on Testing Life 2.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

3 Killers of Business

Hawk Mikado is the leading expert in online to offline marketing and sales systems. He has built over 7 profitable businesses, in the multi-six figures. He is an entrepreneur, an adventurer, and a family man.He has a very giving heart, dedicating his time to helping companies increase revenues and their employees become focused on their passion, and confident about their path.

What are the common challenges of business owners and executives whom you are helping to succeed?
The biggest change that I saw was when we were generating highly targeted & qualified leads, we started offering big-ticket sales, and we got the right people on our team.

Helping businesses succeed and be excellent is a passion of mine. Over the years I’ve seen the same 3 major challenges arise in every project, business, product launch, etc.

These are 3 Major challenges that every business will face at some point. The challenge becomes how to overcome them if you're in the middle of them AND how to avoid them if you haven't experienced them yet.

In our eBook The 3 Major Challenges That Can Kill Your Business... And How to Avoid Them we discuss the simple yet important keys to developing a business that will grow with you through the million and multi million dollar marks in your growth.

The best part about this is that these 3 “laws” of business are seen by businesses that are making multiple billion’s to those just starting out.

The first challenge is all about your relationships. Building relationships with the leads you have, with new leads, and most importantly with your centers of influence that will bring you more leads.
You’re not going to get the QUALIFIED leads your business needs to grow if you can’t get leads to come to your door in the first place. In our eBook we share very cool techniques on how to develop these relationships.

The second challenge is related to making sales. This means you have to convert the leads you get into PAYING customers. Yet not just any type of paying customer, you’re going to need some BIG-TICKET products & services that you can offer and sell.

The amount of energy you spend to land a $500 client is about the same as a $5,000 or event $50,000 client. So why are you focusing on the $500’s when you have $1,000’s lying at your door! We share with you some strategies and tactics to make the transition in the book.

The last is around your team. Most companies hire fast and fire slow... we believe that you should be hiring fast and fire faster.... ONLY if they’re not a good fit. The right team can make all of the difference, and having the tools that get you the results you want to begin with is even better.

Another part of your team are your center’s of influence. They are the JV’s, Affiliates, & promotional partners that give you the ability to leverage everything you’re doing.

If you’re interested in learning all of these things you can download our book and watch the free training video inside as well.

Text InVert to 96000 or visit http://NVRT.ME/3Killers

In what unique ways have you helped your clients to succeed?
We use innovative approaches combined with traditional approaches. We have helped fill our clients rooms using LinkedIn to find the best-qualified people that could benefit from their event. We have also helped our clients increase their conversions up to 93%.

When someone who has a sales problems or challenges consult you, what is the first and foremost advice you would give?
There are 3 parts to this question. Host an event or find another way to build the relationships with the people they are looking to connect with. Pre-sell and business structure all related to avoiding the 3 major challenges.

Pre selling you product. You have people pay for it to be developed and distributed. This avoids spending money before the market has told you that they want to buy it.

First you pick your target audience, and have a velvet rope of qualifications like annual revenue, salary, company size and title.

Pre-selling has been the number one way to grow my business. This is one of the strategies that we teach to our clients and in our programs. The principle is to sell your products or program to enough people that you get paid to develop a new product or program. I go more in depth with this in our Linked With Clients Online training, and in my other book The CMO Handbook. What I’ve found though, is most businesses need to address the first 3 challenges they face, before they can pre-sell.
One of the greatest things that I learned is that there are 3 pillars of a business structure. Marketing/Sales, R&D/Production, & Admin/Operations.

Most companies put 50%+ into Admin/Operations 30% into R&D/Production and only 20% into Marketing/Sales. This is a recipe for disaster. How can your business grow, let alone survive, if you only give it what it needs 20% of the time.

Put 67% into Marketing and Sales. This doesn’t mean that you have to spend $7 out of $10 on marketing & sales, it means that you are investing 70% of your resources overall to attracting the right qualified leads, and a lot of them. Developing relationships with those leads to close sales. And those relationships will lead to centers of influence. One key with this is when your team builds relationships first and sells second your sales will increase by 199%... 300%... or over 1500% in our case.

You put 23% into Admin and operations. This includes delivery of your services, products, programs, etc. YET just because it's only 23% doesn’t mean that you’re going to want to slack on performance.
The last part is your R&D and Productions. This 10% is crucial to your growth, AND your best results will come when you do 2 things. First is only creating something after you’ve sold it (pre-selling) and second is create something new at least every 6 months to keep your company relevant. Your customers/clients will also have something new to buy.

Each of these 3 pillars relate directly to the 3 major challenges, the closer you are to these %’s the easier it is to avoid them.

What are your basic perspectives about entrepreneurship?
Entrepreneurship is only for the self driven, motivated, visionary leaders who are looking to change how things are done, defy the status quo, do what others say can’t be done. We are always ‘ON’ thinking of the next million-dollar idea, gifted to see the opportunities, excited by risk, and driven towards rewards. Entrepreneurship requires a thirst for knowledge, understanding, being in the spotlight, and knowing that when someone says no, it just means not now.

Being a one-person company who isn’t willing to give up responsibility to others, or being in a network marketing company, or charging barely enough to get by and giving up when someone makes things challenging are all traits that signify you might not be an entrepreneur... or you just haven’t tapped fully into your vision.

An entrepreneur enrolls people in his/her vision for the future and is willing to put everything on the table, because they know that no matter what they can get to their goal and achieve it with enough persistence.

We entrepreneurs are unemployable by normal standards... not because we can’t do the work, or follow direction, but because we work harder, faster, and more effectively than everyone else... and we get bored of the work that employers give us.

In my case I went from entry level to corporate management in less than 6 months in 3 different companies, without more than a tiny bit of effort.

If you are an entrepreneur hire those who can solve your challenges, if you’re not an entrepreneur you can either work for someone else or hire an intrepreneur to come in and run your company for you.

How can any business tap on your powerful 3-step process to engage, inspire and magnetize people to buy?
Find a mentor that fits you, a mentor is someone who has been through what you’re going through and has the results you want to get. Once you have achieved that assess if that mentor is still right for you. Keep seeking mentorship from others for your entire life.

You can use a coach while you’re searching for your next mentor, AND realize that unless that coach has been through what you’re going through (which would make them a mentor) they can only help you with the “strategy” of how to get there. Where a mentor will help you find “Tactics” and get you there faster.

I overcame the challenges I faced by seeking out mentors who could help me through the pains and “demons” I had. I learned about psychology, Neurolinguistic Programing, Tactical Influence, Leadership, Accountability, and Mindset Shifting Techniques. Eventually I developed my own process that I call Neuro Communication Systems. I use the processes to remove immediate doubt, pain, fear, sadness, and more. Overall I’ve spent around $100k in my personal development, and I continue to invest in myself to continue to learn.

A friend of mine (Jim, Chess Now) who teaches chess to executives taught me something priceless. The difference between a strategy and a tactic, how to know the difference, and when to take advantage of each.

A strategy is a choice. A Tactic is an opportunity. And success comes from executing tactics as they present themselves, and leveraging strategies to keep you moving towards your goal.

If you want to be successful, you will want to understand that some of your choices will take you off track, others will present opportunities. Learn from the choices you make, and take action on opportunities that are presented.

Also realize that you can’t do it all yourself. If you’re having a challenge, hire someone to solve it... no matter the cost. It will give you a much greater return than it will ever cost you. And increase your marketing and sales departments. Hire, Hire, Hire!

If you want to discuss how we can be your sales and marketing department you can contact us.

Want to contact Hawk?
Email: Concierge@InVertStrategies.com
Call: 855.350.4295
To download your copy of this free book Go to http://nvrt.me/3killers
or Text InVert to 96-000.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Matt Anton SEO Explains The Need For Business Optimization

Matt Anton is an online marketer living in New Jersey, with his wife Cassandra, and daughter Olivia. He's primarily a software and product creator, with his latest release, SafeRankBacklinks a guaranteed SEO rank increase service in Google.

How long does it take to see the results using the latest release of your service helps to increase the SEO rank?
After doing SEO for 10 years, many things have changed. In the past, and sometimes during algorithm updates you can see changes within hours of your marketing efforts, but typically 60 days is an appropriate window of time, which is why we have the 100% guarantee of rankings increasing within this time, or a full refund. We also see many campaigns jump around day 45, but we have seen changes earlier and some later. It's a game of quality actions taken daily to safely increase rankings

What are the most important aspects of ensuring safe backlinks?
Thousands of webmasters have been hit by various search engine algorithm updates over the years; if you aren't pushing the envelope and testing with personal sites you will never know where the ceiling is; after investing over 6 figures in a true safe system, we now have a cloud based solution that is a combination of Virtual Assistants, Software, and assets. It's this three headed approach which gives safe rankings because nothing is forced and everything is done daily.

Could you tell us more about how you guarantee rankings for your clients?
SEO has become a gamble for many, and we want to take the risk out of the client's hands and put it squarely on our shoulders. We are able to put up our own capital, team and resources because we are very confident in our abilities. Not all campaigns are a success, and we'll gladly refund (usually underlying website penalties or Onpage SEO issues), but the majority are successful because we have skin in the game and a vested interest for you to succeed.

How much does it cost?
SafeRankBacklinks cost varies based on the keyword competition, i.e. New York Lawyer would cost more than Alaska Nanny Service; that said, we have true reseller pricing, meaning we have wholesale SEO rates, so web designers and other marketing agencies can white label without fear of wasting profit margin, while they focus on sales and growth, with us on the backend servicing each sale on autopilot.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Online Financial Advisor

Joseph Gissy is a Financial Advisor for Capital Management Services, Inc. in Los Angeles, California. His company gives people easy and affordable financial planning as well as access to many other financial services via their fingertips. We have conducted a short interview with him:

How can someone know if he or she should start a debt reduction plan? And how to execute it effectively?
Anytime a person has debt, they should start a debt reduction plan. However, the best plans start even before they get into debt of course but that is not necessarily the case with most people. We find ourselves wrapped in debt where credit cards, loans and all our other bills start to get out of control. Just having a conversation with a financial advisor or consultant can help you start in the right direction. Using financial software to plan out and manage debt is one of the quickest and easiest ways to manage your finances as well as they typically create a solid plan to move forward. The software we work with actually pulls all your financial information from various banks and institutions and allows you to view all your accounts in one place in real time. This is especially helpful for those that have multiple bank accounts, retirement accounts or investment accounts.

What are the trends of financial advice required today?
It seems that many services are popping up online today and many individuals want to find a financial advisor that is easily accessible. That is what why we created our platform so that a person can actually ask us financial questions and get quick advice without ever leaving their homes. Another trend is on overall planning packages. We start people off with a simple budget and from there we can go into an overall life plan. This helps people realize that saving for retirement is actually pretty easy, but they just need a few simple adjustments and they can get started. We even show people how to pay off debt, save for college or even save to make a large purchase such as a vehicle or home.

How do you describe the ease for your clients to obtain affordable retirement & financial planning advices from you and your company?
Just like we described when we talked about the trends in financial advice today we start with a financial budget to get moving in the right direction. From there advice is always free from us and we can work on a retirement account or plan with our clients. We do not charge commissions ever so our clients can rest assured we are not going to make them purchase a product that they don’t want or need. We assess every situation and cater a plan accordingly. When we set up a retirement or investment account for a client we only charge a fee based upon the assets that we manage. That is called Fee-Only wealth management and it really does keep the clients best interest first in the financial planning process.

What is so special about the kind of financial advisory services, management and consultancy you provide online?
First and foremost you are getting a real person with a financial license. We are not a simple robotic system or program where you just input some values and an algorithm spits out a plan for you. We actually analyze and evaluate your needs and talk to you about them. Secondly, we have a proud history of customer service with our clients. We pride ourselves on giving superior service with minimal cost to our clients. We are very transparent with our services and do our best to explain all our services to our clients the best we can.

Who inspired you to start the online version of the financial advisory services?
When I first started in this industry I was shocked that there is such a lack of simple financial understanding in our society. Most of the fundamentals of saving, how credit works, how to create a financial plan, how to save for retirement are all completely skipped over in our prime education years. As I have started working with clients it became apparent that I needed to create a service that is easy to access and almost anyone can obtain it. That’s why I needed to create an easy to use platform online for people. The who needs to really start with the younger generation. Just having some simple financial guidance can make a major impact on their life during retirement. That doesn’t mean that those nearing or in retirement can’t set or fix their current plans. Often times I found that simple small adjustments can yield great long term results. There is also so many other factors that come into play with Insurances, Living Trusts, Wills, Wealth Management and more. We just wanted to create a simple platform where people can get personalized help with ease.

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