Sunday, March 1, 2015

Kid's Boutique

Children's Value Boutique is an Well Run Life project to bring vibrant, fun styles to kids and raise money for The Mice Foundation.

Why did you start an On-Line Boutique with so many already out there? What inspires you to start this online boutique? 
This Project is primarily a fundraiser for The Mice Foundation ( We wanted to teach our children about being effective community members. Last year we created a Raffle called the Golf Ball Drop and support a local nonprofit called New Pathways for Youth. It creates mentorship relationships with children all over phoenix.This year we selected UMOM. This is the largest provider of services to the Homeless in Arizona.

10% of the proceeds from our boutique will be given away through this foundation. Please Like of FB and keep track of the money we raise.

We hope people will understand this aspect of our boutique and support us in our efforts to positively affect the community.

Who benefits from the program? 
Every year we will pick a new recipient. This year is UMOM

UMOM New Day Centers mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual.

Founded in 1964, UMOM is the largest homeless shelter for families in Arizona. We keep families together, we provide a continuum of care from emergency shelter to transitional housing and finally, permanent, affordable housing. Families at UMOM have the opportunity to gain the skills, medical care, quality child care, and education they need to rebuild their lives and succeed when they leave.

Check them out at

What kind of products do you sell in this online boutique? 
Fun clothes for kids - hats - dresses - bow ties - diaper puches from a new designer call Ralls Designs. This is a designer who hand makes her items. Another small, family owned business.

We also run a 10-Day Detox for people looking to re-boot their diet. We start each Sunday. It is a Whole food program - not a juicing or fasting diet - It is a great way to get back into being healthy.

Are they handmade products? 
We are just starting to contract with designers now - we will be bringing handmade products from many different designers as we grow. Ralls Designs is our first partner. Perhaps your readers will send us suggestions - we hope to carry unique, fun items.

Which are the most popular products in your store? 
People have gravitated to our Red Ruffle Dress and one we call THE Blue Dress. They are fantastic designs - fun and colorful - and at $22.50 a great bargain.

We have a Baby Dinosaur Outfit everyone seems to love. As well as a Bow Tie for the little boys.

For the folks listening - they can enter coupon FLASH to get 50% off - hope to see you all at our modest little adventure.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Tasha Castagna from Clayton, Ca. is a professional makeup artist and skin care developer. A beauty lover, blogger, Youtuber and author. We have conducted a short interview with her.

What have you accomplished so far as a Skin Care line developer? 
I've accomplished what I thought to be the Impossible! Clear Beautiful Skin for my self and others who had lost hope that it was or may even be possible. A lot of girls only dream about having clear, glowing skin but the truth is makeup can only go so far in accomplishing that. It's what under the makeup that counts. The products you use to wash your face can truly make a lasting impression. Many people don't know this but your skin will actually absorb 65% of what you put on it "topically". That's huge! We like to think of our Skin Care line as "Skin Food" you wouldn't put just anything in your body would you? Not if your health conscious! So why would you put just anything on your skin?

How does being an addict of beauty products everywhere help you in your career of specialty ingredient research? 
Good question! I feel like it. It has helped me simply by the fact that as a Beauty Blogger, Makeup Artist, Cosmetics Developer and now Skin Care Developer, I am exposed to several different situations, skin types, skin conditions, not to mention my own skin conditions (adult acne) which has driven me to search for a team of top notch specialists which has in-turn lead me to the manufactures of of top notch quality ingredients form all over the world. At Skin Soap Junkie we have an extensive catalog of prototype formulas on file, we can design your beauty bar to the exact performance, scent and texture desired for optimal results.

If your anything like me then your very cautious about your skin and what you put on it! Soap has been around for a very, very long time (since 1916) and has really evolved through out the years. I personally have horrible skin. If the wind blows wrong I'm going to have a break out. So I began my search many years ago in an effort to create a line of skin care soaps to cure my break outs. Simply put, I was determined to create products that could be used by everyone from those with sensitive skin right down to those with tougher skin

Simply put, I was determined to create products that could be used by everyone from those with sensitive skin right down to those with tougher skin who need that extra "ump" in their products. This is not a one size fits all kind of world so why should our skin be any different?

Very quickly, days turned into months, and months turned into years and my continued obsession over specialty ingredient research and product development fueled a need not only for my self, but to also give my friends, family and fellow skin care junkies something large companies could not. "A Premier Product With Individuality."

To this day, we continue to use certified pure, sustainable, organic, cosmetics grade ingredients. And I'm very happy to say I have not had a severe break out in years!

How is so much awesomeness even possible? Being a small company with little to no over head affords me the ability to turn all of my profits back into Skin Soap Junkie and pass the savings on to my customers! Which is how it should be. We sell full size, fully packed 6 to 8oz bars. A little bit goes along way.

Ask yourself these questions: Are you tired of wasting your hard earned money? How many hundreds of dollars have you wasted on skin care products only to find out in the end they did not work? If your like me, then its been a lot. Do you have a skin care/soap graveyard on wasted products that did not live up to their name or claim to fame? If you answered yes to any of the above, then your in the right place!

I believe in honesty and integrity. The results we claim are the results you get. I'm a "proof is in the puddin" kinda gal. I've tested and used each of these products on myself, my friends and my family- who believe me are brutally honest. If our beauty bars were not good, or did not produce the results we claim, we wouldn't stand behind them 100% or even sell them at all.

From drafting product formulas, package design, and writing each and every customer a personal "thank you" note, I put my heart and soul into this business and am so very grateful that I have been given the opportunity to do what I love every single day.

Who are the celebrities in your product endorsements and which celebrity lines? 
On our cosmetics side we have worked with and created celebrity lines for Renee Baio (Baio Bliss Balms and Gloss) Alexa Ferr (pop sensation) who has her own cosmetics line "Alexa Couture" and Lauren Froderman (the winner from So you Think You Can Dance) who has her own line "Shimmer" and "Enchanted". We have Also worked with Judi Evans from Days Of Our Lives and Patrika Darbo from Days Of Our Lives, and we hope to expand and add more celebrity lines in the near future.

How is it like and how do you describe a day in the life as a celebrity MUA (makeup artist)? Which are the large events you have undertaken?
A day in the life of a MUA, well it's crazy fun and hectic all rolled into one. I have an awesome team that I work with and I can honestly say that I am truly blessed. We have done smaller events ranging from graduations, weddings, photo shoots, right up to bigger events such as 40th Day Time Emmys and TV Movie Guide Awards where we met and worked with some pretty amazing people. (The Robertson's-from Duck Dynasty) Bill Engvull (From Blue Collar Comedy)

Judi Evans, Patrika Darbo, Scott & Renee Baio, just to name a few.

In 5 years time, what kind of milestones do you want Skin Soap Junkie By TASH Cosmetics to reach? 
In 5 years time We hope to have taken over the industry making our wonderful products world wide. We want to be a household name known globally.

For our readers to find you and your products, where should they go first? For our Skin Care line they should go to

For our Makeup they should go to either or Our sister site

and for our Beauty Blogs and bookings they should go to

AND as always we are all on all of the social media sites!

Saturday, February 14, 2015

1Branch graphic design and web development

Paul Etienne from Naples, FL is graphic designer and web developer and the founder of 1Branch. We have conducted a short interview with him.

How does 1Branch differs in social networking features in comparison to Facebook?
We are a Christian social networking platform, so that makes it different from everything you’ve heard about before because the environment is different. It also connects Christians with other Christians based on their denominations through features like “Branching and prayer box”. We have top stories where we share trending news about the Christian faith, and we also have a feature called “Broadcast” where we share Christian related videos.

What kind of problems does it solve, and why is it necessary to use 1Branch?
1Branch is a platform that links you automatically with members who share your denomination, and from there you can ask questions anonymously about things you don’t like, understand, or that confuse, and even about secrets your denomination may have.

You have experiences in developing games, web, mobile, app. What was your personal motivation to create this religious social networking platform?
I am a Christian, and I have been going to church for a long time, but at some point I realized I did not understand the purpose behind a lot of things, and since I have been going to church for so long I felt a little embarrassed to ask about things that I “think” I should know. This was one of my personal motivations to develop 1Branch. We want every single member to have the opportunity to share all that they find positive with their faith a well as a chance to explore difficult questions amongst themselves, and they have the choice to do so anonymously also.

About the 'anonymous' posting, what is the current outlet for people who wants to post about things they don't understand or confused with?
I don’t know any Christian outlet, but I think there’s an app called “Whisper” that let people share relatable situations anonymously, but 1Branch is more than just posting things anonymously. 1Branch is a platform that helps people find their true purpose as a Christian.

Where can people who are interested find this platform?
1Branch is available now for people who want to join at and we also have the 1Branch app in the Apple App Store, and in Google Play

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Eye of the Dragon

Vincent Chan is an actor from Devon, UK. He just completed his web series called Eye of the Dragon. We have conducted a short interview with him.

What are the challenges to be a director and actor in the web series?
The biggest problem I faced was acting and directing myself at the same time. The fight sequence in the final episode was the most difficult because I had to concentrate on my martial arts moves and at the same time picture how the fight would look on camera. This made me wary of my movement and positioning because I wanted to ensure the scene was filmed as I had imagined it. There were a number of times when I thought I executed a punch or a kick at the right angle, at the right speed etc. But when the footage was played back to me, I realised my positioning was all wrong or the move wasn't executed as well as I thought. So, we did have to do a lot of retakes.

How long did you take to produce and film your web series titled "Eye of the Dragon"?
This is going to be a long answer because you have to bear in mind that "Eye of the Dragon" began as a short film and was supposed to be a one-off. I went to Japan in the summer of 2012 to film the establishing shots in the opening titles. At that point, there wasn't a script yet, just ideas. I wrote the script at the beginning of 2013 and we shot the film shortly after. It was uploaded to YouTube in April and I received positive feedback but people wished there was a clear ending to the film. I wanted to give them a sequel but I didn't know how to continue the story at that time. It took over a year to finally get the script together for a sequel and I wrote a fight scene into it as part of the grand finale. However, I had laser eye surgery in June 2014 and was told I couldn't do contact martial arts for several months. I didn't really want to spend the summer not doing much so, I decided to turn the sequel from a short film into a short web series. That allowed us to split the story up into little episodes so I could film the fight scene towards the end of the production. The fight scene was shot in December 2014 and the final episode was uploaded in January 2015. Including the original short film that's over two and a half years.

Before the production of each movie, what/who inspire you in the content and concept of the films?
It can be anything. My early work was inspired by Jackie Chan and other Hong Kong martial arts actors from the 1980s and 1990s. Recently, I've taken real life experiences and incorporated them into my projects. "Bad Day" was based off my short-lived experience from working in a civil engineering company in Hong Kong. Some real life events inspired me to include similar situations in the "Eye of the Dragon" series. In the second episode "History Repeats" I used clips from a video I found in YouTube's Creative Commons section. It was a video of a pro-democracy riot with protesters, triads and police in Hong Kong. The script already depicted Hong Kong in chaos and the timing of the 2014 Hong Kong protests was so perfect, I was able to show a city of unrest. In the final episode, "The Tenth Dragon" features an island called Yim Tin Tsai which, is where my grandparents once lived. It was abandoned for a long time but tourists now frequently visit the island. Our ancestral home was basically left to rot but we then rented the place out and the occupier restored it. You can see the house before and after in the episode. In reality, a groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2013 to mark the revitalisation of the once abandoned salt pans. In "Eye of the Dragon" the same thing happens but it's because of a fantasy element unlike real life!

What are your motivations to create these kinds of YouYube movies?
My YouTube channel is currently partnered with the AwesomenessTV Network which is owned by DreamWorks. I feel good about being part of a large network especially as it's owned by a well-known film production company. That encourages me to keep making videos so, I try to upload at least one video a month.

Have you been trained in an acting school? What kind of reactions have you received from your audience?
Aside from the usual school plays and the drama classes, no, I was not trained in an acting school. I get good reactions from people who enjoy watching my fight scenes and some people like the short stories I tell. "Eye of the Dragon" wasn't originally conceived as a web series nor was it going have any martial arts. But still, people enjoyed the original short film because of the featured scenery and the storytelling. When the last episode of the series was released, some viewers were blown away by the fight sequence.

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