Saturday, January 10, 2015

Your Streamlined Life

Kerry Petsinger lives in the U.S.A. and runs Your Streamlined Life. The purpose of the business is to help people spend their time doing what they love. It's about getting rid of the junk in our lives that prevents us from doing what we love. We have conducted an interview with her:

What is the main purpose of your business ''? teaches you how to spend your time doing what you love. By living a streamlined life, you are able to focus your time on what matters most to you. You can become the Best You possible, truly feel alive and fulfilled, and build your legacy.

How is it possible for people to actually make the necessary changes desired in their lives?
Once you have defined your priorities, make a list of all the other weekly obligations that get in your way. Get rid of whatever you can that doesn’t actually improve your life. Then, focus on one area of your life at a time to streamline.

For example, if you decide that you want to streamline your home life, plan to tackle one room at a time, and really focus on the habits you have that make the room messy, cluttered, and inefficient. Do you throw your mail on the kitchen table when you arrive home from work? Can you designate a spot for incoming/outgoing mail, and choose a time to sort/open/respond to mail? Once you have designed a system for this task, make sure everyone in the family knows how the system works. Try it for one week, and then make adjustments if needed.

Do you provide advice to someone with a problem of being fixed on their habits? What are your tips?
Choose one habit you want to change and begin taking tiny steps toward your goal. If you want to exercise regularly, having a starting plan of 45 minutes per day is intimidating. Instead, start exercising 3 minutes per day. Three minutes is doable and will build your confidence. Seemingly small victories are very important and should be celebrated. Sharing your goals with supportive people is imperative to success – having encouraging people in your life is extremely important!

In your opinion, how effective are 'New Year's resolutions'? Why do you think so?
According to a study by British psychologist Richard Wiseman, 88% of New Year's resolutions are broken. Resolutions frequently fail because they are not specific enough, they do not include the habits a person needs to actually achieve the goal, they aren’t personal enough, and they don’t require people to be all in. Visit to read more about New Year’s resolutions and how to reach your goals for this year.

How to help someone identify what they love doing?
It can be hard for people to figure out what they love doing, especially if they have felt “stuck” for quite some time and feel burdened by obligations and financial stress. I ask people, “Is there something you do that causes you to lose track of time?” Also, I advise them to get away somewhere peaceful and inspiring, and write about their ideal imaginary life – how they would spend time if finances, daily chores, and current obligations were not an issue. If they can define their ideal life, they can start streamlining their life so they can spend time on their priorities.

Friday, January 9, 2015


Adam Deane is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at, an online software company that specialises in company task analysis. We have conducted a short interview with him.

What is about?
Our online software solution enables companies to boost employee performance through workflows, task and time management, escalations and alerts. It enables companies to automate their internal procedures using the built-in workflow processes, analyze employee performance through performance analytics, and enforce internal company policies through the policy wizards.

Most of my work is focused on the technological advancements and innovations within the organisation, overseeing development of new technologies to improve business performance. I'm the guy responsible for designing and implementing the software solution, but I'm still a techie at heart...

While designing the online solution, What were the challenges you encountered?
The main challenge was marketing - getting the attention of companies and managers that needed our software solution. It required skill, experience, discipline, attention, concentration and the investment of money and time. Persistence and patience is a virtue needed by every start-up company.

The other challenge was technology. How do you bring business intelligence and analysis into a company environment and keep it simple enough to be used by non-technical users. It's simple to develop software technology. The hard part is making the technology simple to use...

Which do you consider the most important factor in task analysis?
Task Analysis is a business methodology of analysing employee tasks to improve the way core business processes are being run within a company, helping companies to become more efficient.

It helps cut out mistakes and common procedural errors that can be made by employees, totally unaware of their consequences. It helps develop employee skills, ensuring that they start to find their own mistakes and develop genuine initiative. Task Analysis ensures tasks get done on time and properly, finds the underperformers in the company, locates work bottlenecks, and reduces the administrative burden.

What is your competitive advantage?
Our goal was to create a software solution that is easy to use, simple to understand, and effective in boosting employee productivity.

Task Management has been around for some years now. Task Analysis is a new trend in Task Management that focuses on analysis, priorization, and optimisation. If Task Management is the process of managing a task through its lifecycle, then Task Analysis is the process of optimising those tasks. We've solved a crucial business problem companies have, by bringing business intelligence and analysis reports into employee task management.

Our online software solution enables organisations to boost employee performance through workflows, task and time management, checklist, escalations and alerts. It enables companies to automate their internal procedures using the built-in workflow processes, analysing employee performance through performance analytics, and enforcing internal company policies through the policy wizards.

What are your plans for 2015?
Task Analysis is the next big thing in the business world. The ability to bring business intelligence and developing predictive analytics using statistical analysis and data mining to provide behaviour predictions and help drive the decision-making process. Only through the analysis of the employee tasks can you begin to understand employee behaviour, identify working trends and discover where the workload can be made more efficient.

Analysing employee behaviour lays a important foundation for improving business performance.
Napoleon once said: "War is ninety percent information"

His military success was attributed to having the right information at the right time. When you’re battling for a competitive advantage in business, task analysis is crucial to your success.
It's going to be a very interesting year.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Clever Books

Clever Books is a creative startup that makes children's story personal. Kids themselves can be the main character in their high quality printed book. We have conducted an interview with the founders of this great idea.

Where did you get your inspirations in this startup about personalised books?
The inspiration for this startup is coming from my husband Thorsten. He is a born teacher as he invents educative and really nice tales on the go for our daughter. I was listening for him telling those stories about how is it important to eat vegetables or brush teeth, be nice with people and listen to parents and the idea about creating books with stories came to my mind. I wanted always to make these stories and books special and attractive to kids and therefore we made them personalized in the sense that kids can see their pictures in the books and also read stories about themselves! The stories are very helpful for parents in first place as they are helping kids through positive attitude to understand the importance of keeping room clean, helping parents or going to school and many other things that parents keep on struggling with and sometimes without any result. The inspirations are coming obviously from my daughter who is a live example of the story topics :) I have also noticed that personalised books motivate kids for reading which is great for them as well!

What is your own startup story?
After having the idea it’s important to implement and I can’t obviously have all the necessary skills for that. Here comes networking in play. I knew who I would need to start the ball rolling and I just needed to make those people interested in doing business with me. This way I discovered that Alexandra, our book designer and professional photographer, was happy to get involved. She is creating great book designs that help to dive into the story and feel comfortable with the book. We are also having people with pedagogical and linguistic education who are creating great stories and also illustrator who is making stories bright and live. The story was that I needed to make efforts to organizes those people and make the whole though small now mechanism work to bring digital books to a publishing company and then have the first order published. That was the fantastic feeling to see the books and have great quality goods you can deliver to customers now.

In your opinion, what does the owl symbolises?
The owl is sacred to the Greek goddess of learning, Athena and is even depicted on some Greco-Roman currency as symbol intelligence. Athena, the Greek Goddess of Wisdom had a companion Owl on her shoulder, which revealed unseen truths to her. Owl had the ability to light up Athena's blind side, enabling her to speak the whole truth, as opposed to only a half truth.

Why was it chosen as Clever Books' logo?
The symbol of owl is wisdom and therefore we have selected this bird as our company logo as we create awesome books for clever kids and smart parents.

Which are the top 5 main characters presented in your books that helps children in their development?
The main characters of the books are the kids for who we make those books. The kid is a positive character in each story. He or she is trying to understand things, makes mistakes however understands and realises, apologizes when feels guilty and always becomes smarter and learns from his mistakes if any. We have a lot of different stories that appear in different books sets, covering many topics to help parents (for example, importance of brushing teeth, helping parents, eating vegetables, keeping room clean and in order, being honest, sharing with friends, danger of eating too many sweets etc, etc.)

How does fairy tales help children to work through their anxieties?
Albert Einstein once said: “If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” This is where we are coming from. Fairy tales in general help kids to understand the world and adapt. So why not to use the fairy tales where the kids are the main characters? This helps them to get more involved in the story, realise their own behaviour in some way and also see the positive outcome of doing things differently like being less stubborn or helping mom to keep toys in order. This is the idea and as we get positive feedback we are extremely happy to keep on doing this good thing!

Which are the most engaging book titles published by Clever Books?
The feedback we receive basically says that the stories on their own are quite engaging as kid is the main character and he is reading about himself and yes, that is quite interesting that kids, that have reading skills, get more motivated to read those stories on their own. Thus books we create have become also a motivation for kids to read. We obviously haven’t thought about this effect in advance however quite happy with the outcome now.

What books are currently available?
Currently we have Blue book set, Yellow book set (with photo personalizations and popular nursery rhymes) available and getting ready with other sets. We offer as well 100% customisable book set where parents choose the topics of the stories they what to be in the book.

Here you can have a look at the book from our Blue Book Set:

Visit our website to discover book sets we offer:

Join us on Facebook:

And also have support owl products here in our partnering shop.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Skin Soap Junkie

Joseph & Tasha Castagna from Clayton, Ca. own TASH Cosmetics and Skin Soap Junkie. We have conducted a short interview with them

How long did you take to formulate the 'Beauty Bars'? What is the most challenging part along your way to the success of this break through Beauty Bar (Soap)?
It took us about 6 months of research and about 3 months for the formulations. After that we created the perfect beauty bar!

The most challenging thing was getting the measurements of the ingredients. If you put too much the bar wont set right. If you don't put enough the bar isn't strong enough. So knowing the exact formulations and following them to a T was the most challenging. In order for all of the ingredients to work well together you have to use exact measurements.

Which are the unique ingredients or key contents of this amazing product?
The unique ingredients or key contents of this amazing product is pure pharmaceutical grade Activated Bamboo Charcoal found only in rare locations, (beware there are several imitations out there on the market today which aren't as strong or pure) and DMAE.

What are the benefits of this Beauty Bar (Soap) when applied on a teenager's skin?
The benefits of this Beauty Bar (Soap) when applied on a teenager's skin (or anyone for that matter) is that DMAE is an amazing nutrient that extends the life of cells, inhibits the cross linking of proteins which is essential to giving your skin a tone, firm, tighter overall appearance. DMAE Products are a Fountain of Youth!

Activated Bamboo Charcoal has so many benefits including it's ability to absorb into the pores on your skin and draw out the dirt and oils that are blocking the pores! These two ingredients combined into this amazing bar truly make one amazing beauty bar. 

By using our charcoal bar consistently on your face can reduce or eliminate acne, bumps and blackheads. 

8 out of 10 people suffer with acne. From teenagers to adults. I was one of them for many years. I tried everything over the counter from creams to pills to actually going to the dermatologist to get prescription meds to help treat my acne. NOTHING worked, so I suffered from it and just dealt with it like many others so. Acne can change who you are, it can lower your self esteem, make you become with drawn and depressed especially when nothing you try works. I've lived this first hand and i use our products and so far it has been the only thing on the market today that works.

Our charcoal soap is also a great body bar for an all over skin detox, as well as charcoal soap can help reduce pigmentation and make your skin look younger.

Activated charcoal draws out dirt, oil, toxins and general grossness from pores, helping to cure and relieve acne and other skin problems as well as refines skin for a "Yes, I drank eight cups of water and got nine hours of sleep" look — even when you really didn't (because who actually does?)

What sets you apart from your competitors? Is there any upcoming promotional campaigns to launch it?
What sets us apart from our competitors is two important things : Quality top notch ingredients hand made and infused together to create a power soap and price. Yes price. Some dermatologist and beauty stores charge an upwards of 25.00 for this amazing beauty bar. We don't have to. We have very little overhead because we are not a big franchise.

We do not have machines making our soaps for us in a big warehouse. We have a small facility which includes 3 people, hand making these beauty bars so quality is never a question.

Another thing that makes us different is we don't use a bunch of hype. The results speak for them selves. Bottom line is that our products give you better age defying and blemish clearing results than other conventional products and are luxurious and effective.

About this breakthrough Beauty Bar, what kind of pricing strategy do you adopt?
We have just launched our website and our social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) We will also be expanding our product sales into premier salons soon.

We pride ourselves on having incorporated all of this fabulousness in one simple bar. How much would you/have you paid for skin care products? $20.00? $30.00? Some even upwards of $40.00? With Skin Soap Junkie, you don't have to purchase 3 or 4 different topical items to get the results you desire because everything you need for perfect skin is all wrapped up into one luxurious beauty bar. Looking great has never been so easy and affordable!
Check us out! New Year...New Skin...New you!

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