Sunday, August 31, 2014

Crimson Highway

Crimson Highway is a post apocalyptic tale of friendship and trust. - Where a virus decimates everyone over 19. The project is in a fundraising phase on indiegogo at the moment.

Where do you draw inspirations from for your film project Crimson Highway? Which is your favourite character in the film?
The insiration has come from a wide variety of film types but utilising the genre of post apocalyptic anime adventure.

What is your rationale behind this perk idea at the point of designing your indiegogo project? Thirsty for a little more?
We use the term thirsty as much of the journey is set in the Australian desert :) the updates and character updates are there for followers of set characters and even anime characters to show their development.

Do you have a pre-shoot video to show?
We have pre shoot release but will use these when we get ten or more backers

What kind of challenges do you anticipate?
Challenges right now are funding, location for the first 2 scenes and we need to cast 2 more children.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Deflowered Lyric

JJ Staples is the author of "Deflowered Lyric". As she explains her purpose is more than writing. 

"This is a movement to save our children from sexual abuse. I want to educate children and adults about this once forbidden subject that seems to be continually swept under the rug."

Is "Deflowered Lyric" your first book and how did you decide to name 'Lyric' in the title?
Yes Deflowered Lyric is my first book. It lived in my spirit for years and I have finally given birth to my baby, life and my purpose. The name Lyric came about because I start each chapter with a poem.

I named my baby, life and purpose Deflowered Lyric because Deflowered means; “to take away the virginity. 2. To destroy the innocence, integrity, or beauty of: ravage. Lyric means: poetry or blank verse intended to be set to music and sung. Thus coming up with the premise of the novel where the characters, as children had their innocence stolen. Their feelings are described in poetry form with the hopes that one-day they will be able to sing about “How They Got Over.”

If the story of this book were chosen to be movie, whom would you offer the lead role to act as the main character? What is/are the reason(s) for choosing this actress?
"When" this book is chosen to be a movie, (Speaking those things as if they are) I would offer the role to Tisha Campbell because she revealed at 3 years old an older man raped her. She has survived and understands that in order to move past such a devastating episode, one must first expose it, which releases the shame, next understand it was nothing they did wrong, which frees them from being a victim to being victorious and finally allow God to reveal his purpose in the tragedy, and then they will be able to make sense of a senseless act and crime.

“You can no longer be a victim, you have to be victorious at this point. You can’t play the victim because at this point, I’m not saying this to put you down or anything. What I’m saying is that he is winning, and you are allowing him to win. You are making a conscious decision to harm yourself, to hurt yourself and allow this person to still have dominion over your life. You can’t do that anymore.” 
Tisha Campbell

What is your story behind writing, what inspired you to write this fictional story about sexual abuse?
As a child of 3 or 4 a child 9 years older than myself molested me. I believe I was commanded to write this fictional story as a part of my purpose. I chose to make the book fictional in an effort to reach not only those who had experiences but others who were not victims of molestation, rape or incest, in an effort for us all to band together and stop this atrocity from happening to our children.

Do you plan to write a series of books related to this genre? If not, which other genre(s) will you like to explore writing on?
I do plan to write a second book from Deflowered Lyric as the ending of the first book suggest that a second book needs to follow to close up some loose ends that Deflowered Lyric purposely left open. From there I will explore other genres as the mood hits. However, my aim to keep my writing signature the same, that is to start each chapter with a poem no matter the genre. Poetry is my real passion.

There are very powerful articles' of true-life stories (on your website); one was even about a woman leading to arson charges. How are you affected by this kind of non-fiction? What do you wish you could do?
This type of non-fiction confirms the need for me to walk in my purpose as another child has been victimized and a parent has retaliated. There is a character in Deflowered Lyric that experiences the type of response. She tells of what it cost her and how she turned this negative into a positive. It also brings about a sense of urgency for me to begin speaking, educating and holding our Politicians responsible for laws that assures victims and families safety first then justice without humiliation.

Because the author believes in Deflowered Lyric and wants to share the story, she is offering on a free digital versions for the next few days. (August 25th-29th)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Interview with Natasha Advani

Natasha is a passionate, fun and charismatic speaker with a gift to inspire people. She is a life coach, health trainer and relationship expert. We have conducted an interview with her:

What actually happen and how did you become a life coach?
I became a Life Coach. I lost my mother of cancer when I was very young. So I always felt a void in my Life. I have a very nice family still I used to miss my Mother. I grew up studies school college. Was in banking job and event line.

Never felt that sense of satisfaction. Finally one of my friend told me attend a course. Where they had meditations and lots of techniques. That course changed my Life. I attended many course from various spiritual gurus realized I really like helping people. And help them to transform their lives for the better as it did to be. That's why I decided I wanted to become a Life Coach.

What are the key benefits of your coaching services?
Individuals will be clear about what they want from life. They will go after it with passion, because they have cleared away the obstacles that blocked them.

They will have a more satisfying and happier life in every aspect. Professionally, they will be more effective and skilled at their work and get better results.

For organisations, coaching is a long-term investment in higher business performance. It is the most cost effective way of getter higher performance from key individuals. Coaching is evidence of the company's commitment to developing its people and contributes to a supportive organisational culture with high morale.

Coaching retains key employees and avoids:
- The cost of retraining
- The loss of company knowledge to competitors
- The drop in productivity when personnel leave.

How do you uniquely help people with relationships problems?
I make them work on themselves a lot. I do meditations self improvement techniques. And I make them understand you cannot change the other person you have to change yourself. As problems outside cannot change. I also work on the emotional issue while speaking to clients they think this is the issue. But the issue is something else only.

I do various techniques. Forgiveness, self love and many more. I make them realize no one is perfect in life sometimes we have to learn to let go of things. I have a special workshop on Relationships.

In which ways are your workshops giving a "transformational impact"? Are you able to list some case studies or examples?
With grief in his life. One person had come to me regarding a relationship issue with his girlfriend. I took sessions with him. I made him realize what needs to change and what needs to be done. He was so happy Thanked me a lot. I will give few others after a while see in my paper.

Tansformational also after a meditation session with Corporates, colleges many people feel relaxed and Stress free. They are able to cope with the problems of life in a Calm and Compose manner. Some people feel more connected to themselves, they feel confident also and can handle their problems which they couldn't earlier. One of my workshops a very shy girl came up to me and said Madam thank you so much I was able to open up in your workshops I have never made so many friends in my life. It feels really good not being shy or introvert. Please see my website testimonials of clients are there.

What do you consider as your personal strengths as a life coach?
My personal strengths are, friendly, determined, discipline, entertaining, action oriented, compassionate, humble, open minded, humble, problem solving, respectful, wisdom, will power, flexible, motivating, understanding, observing, self controlling, confident, creative, energetic, focused.

If our readers would like to find out more, where and how can they find you?
They can email me on 

On Facebook: NatashaAdvaniLife Coach 
Twitter: NatashaAdvani 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Intrepid Modern Travelers Polo du Jour

The Intrepid Modern Travelers Polo du Jour is a launching startup Menswear Social Network Brand provided by The Fraternity & Co. They sell poloshirts for the modern gentlemen delivering oldworld luxury in a new world package. We have conducted a short interview with the founder Tunde Uche-Kaine.

Antique shank buttons are used in "The Fraternity & Co" brand of polo shirts, could you tell us how these buttons differentiates you from your competition?
Yes, ordinary polo shirts are expensive because of the cottons, finishings, heritage and marketing, however once worn there is no value in the shirt perse. Our shirts are valuable because of the button and the wearers taste which inherently makes the shirt/button combination valuable and heirlooms. Basically something you can hand down that has sentimental value, or even gift to friends and family which actually has value. Here in the UK polo shirts are the number 1 gifting items on birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Why would people who like your brand also want certificates? How did you get inspired to include this detail in your product branding? 
The certificates are for the buttons, they’re a valuable addition to the shirt, as they’re made in the same age old traditional methods the Victorians’ used of die stamping: an archaic method which is both costly and time consuming. Also annually there will only be so many made to reflect our membership numbers, which means the value of the buttons will go up as The Fraternity & Co grows.

Is there a special series for your brand launch and what is the price range like? 
Yes, were launching on Kickstarter and we’ve created the Series A button especially for the launch. Limited to 1000 pieces therefore 500 shirts, making these buttons ultra exclusive & collectable.

Your product has a very special packaging. Why was the tin chosen? 
I wanted to create Polo shirts for the modern gentlemen delivering oldworld luxury in a new world package and I felt the tins exemplified this.

Why did you choose to launch your brand on Kickstarter and what are your aims? 
Kickstarter was a stab in the dark, I wanted to birth the brand on social media, and Kickstarter seemed appropriate.

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